Experiment the unique tranquility and relaxation in an environment designed specially for our clients, mitigate accumulated tension with some of our massages techniques, thought to restore the vitality of mind and body.

Massage Services

Duration: 120 min.

Price: $1,100.00 MXN (Per person)

The perfect and unique combination which connects your senses in an holistic and ideal environment. Relieves, decontracts, relaxes, depurates and activates circulation. Do not miss the opportunity to live this experience.

Duration 60 min. (1:00 hr)

Price: $500.00 MXN (Per person)

Decontracts and activates circulation and maintains the body’s balance

Duration: 75 min (1:15 hrs)

Price: $650.00 MXN (Per person)

Eliminates toxins, favorites circulation and the elimination of liquids.

Duration: 80 min (1:20 hrs)

Price: $700.00 MXN (Per person)

Reduces inflammation, provides energy and oxygenates skin

Duration: 30 min.

Price: 300.00 MXN (Per person)

Let each drop of essence become a mixture of rest.

Duration: 45 min.

Price: 400.00 MXN (Per person)

Helps to relax the muscles, relieving tension.

Duration: 100 min.

Price: 900.00 MXN (Per person)

Spa Services

Duration: 60 min. (1:00 hr)

Price: $350.00 MXN (Per person)

Detoxifies, reduces inflammation and eliminates impurities of the skin; mixed with a temazcal could be the ideal blend to relax.

Duration: 60 min. (1:00 hr)

Price: $350.00 MXN (Per person)

Ideal to hydrate, strengthen and tighten the skin.

Duration: 20 min.

Price: $250.00 MXN (Per person)

Stimulate cellular regeneration through an exclusive Yolihuani mixture and enjoy the sensation of a smooth and glowing skin.

Duration: 30 min.

Price: $250.00 MXN (Per person)

Sharpens hearing, taste and the sense of smell thanks to a profound cleanse with a wax cone and the natural force of fire.

Duration: 60 min (1:00 hr)

Price: $500.00 MXN (Per person)

Aligns the osseous system and decontracts tenseness provocated by bad posture and relaxes your body with the help of these stretches.  

Duration: 75 min (1:15 hrs)

Price: $550.00 MXN (Per person)

Show off a radiant complexion removing dead cells and eliminating the impurities of your visage, which helps it oxygenate the skin from inside.

Duration: 120 min (2:00 hrs)

Price: $500.00 MXN per pair

The perfect complement to your stay in Yolihuani is the calming and relaxing effect provided by the water in our hydromassage tubs.  

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