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Our history

Yolihuani Temazcales & Spa opens its doors on April 11, 2007, thanks to the preference of our clients throughout this time we have consolidated, being the pioneers in merging alternative therapies with romance, nature and relaxation in the state of Aguascalientes, which places us as a leading company in the industry.

Yolihuani “fountain of life” consents to active people who care about their well-being and emotional balance, this would not be possible without the people who strive every day to provide a professional, warm and friendly service.

Throughout these 10 years in Yolihuani we have verified that the way to success is the preparation and continuous training, symbol of this are the certifications that we have: Moderniza, Punto Limpio, national tourism records, among others.

We exist to connect you with the most natural experience we have.


You deserve to enjoy

Mission statement We are a naturist center that offers quality services in a natural environment, covering the needs of health and relaxation, making the everyday a different and unforgettable experience: balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Vission. Consolidate us as a relaxation landmark, leader in the center of the country, distinguishing us by creating unforgettable experiences.

Our Values



We exist for you.


We take care of yours as if it were ours.


What happens depends on you.


We work together for customer satisfaction.


We do every action like a professional.


We live the experience in a clean environment.


Commitment in the creation of a better future.


Do it right the first time.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly improving and innovating for you.